Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Donnie at West Point Mill

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Between two doctor's appointments yesterday, Donnie and I had a picnic lunch and a short walk at West Point Mill on the Eno River. It was a glorious January day...57 degrees, calm winds, and bright and sunny.

Although there were pretty landscapes, mill shots, daffodils, and textures everywhere, Donnie looked too handsome in this portrait not to use this picture as my POTD.

Our view during the picnic was the mill itself:

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And our view on our walk was the river:

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I studied some of the gears and other mill equipment laying outside the mill:

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And we enjoyed comparing the bridge in this park to the ones we had seen in Smithfield on Saturday.  We expected this bridge to be made by the same compaby, Contech, but it was made by Excel.

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Donnie pondered what life would have been like as a civil engineer.  We studied the bridge enough to determine that is was 4 larges pieces obviously moved into place by a crane and then bolted together.

I am really enjoying collecting texture and background shots right now.  I realize there is a fine line between having a good assortment to choose from and having so many you can't find the one you want or make up your mind, yet I'm generating quite the gallery now.

Papamugger will enjoy this water spider and his shadow:

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We enjoyed a very nice dinner after Donnie spent some time bike riding with Joey, Johnny, and Madi.  How did we survive out on our own as kids with no adults anywhere in sight and with no helmets I don't know.  The kids had fun.  We're working on safety skills:-)

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