Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Is Always Give and Take

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I didn't have a chance to take many new pics yesterday, so I decided to process another of the heart gel cling shots from my window.

Here's the original:

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Here's the texture which I took in Smithfield on Saturday:

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I didn't have to desaturate it; it didn't have much color to begin with.

Here are the filters I used in Color Efex Pro:

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I tried the text along the bottom as a straight line again, but BORING.  I experimented and came up with the arches.  It's different:-)  The text is two for each arch.  I rotated the arches to fit the curve as well as fidgeting with the bend of the arch.  I didn't get too many new gray hairs, but I did have to finesse them for a while to get them right or at least as good as they are.  I had issues with the text being readable, so I also had to try several fonts to get one that showed up the way I wanted it to.  This is Melanie BT.  Loriah BT didn't work very well.

When I saw the big heart and the little heart, it reminded me of how love is never quite fifty-fifty.  How sometimes one person carries more of the load than the other but that hopefully it's a back and forth give and take where each can carry the relationship when needed.

There's one more card I created last night which I'll share:

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Maybe I like it better than the one I've posted.  Oh well.

I created this texture overlay from a bokeh shot and a rust shot both taken in Smithfield on Saturday:

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I thought it looked like a mossy tree.  Textures are addicting!


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I had to work to get rid of the whitish spot in the lower right corner on the original as well as repair the top of the larger heart.  Color Efex Pro Polarization and one other filter were also applied.

Hopefully you're getting in the romantic Valentine's Day spirit now:-)

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WildeLifePhotography said...

I really like the work you've done with both. I think it's time I started working on more textures of my own.