Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lovey the Lion

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This post is for Joey who loves lions as his Lovey and Blankie pictured in the shot below taken in September 2009.

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The lion statue in my daily photo greets you when you come to my front door.  In real life, it's maybe 2 feet tall, but he has the pose of formidable foe.  Joey picked up the fallen red camellia blossom a couple of days ago and was very proud of himself when he gave Lovey a pretty flower for his (her) hair.  We won't tell him it's not that masculine, right?  I liked how the red popped in this SC version and decided to share despite the fact that it would be better if Lovey was a lioness:-)

Lovey was pulled out of the background and a texture was applied to just the background (Color Burn) from my Backgrounds and Textures gallery.    I used the Accent Edges filter and I think one other filter to bring out more detail in Lovey.  I darkened the shadows a bit more too.  I wanted the textures to really stand out.

Here's the original:

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I took some daffodil shots yesterday too and will share one of them with you today also:

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