Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Believe In...

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On the way home from dinner last night, I asked Donnie to take me through downtown Fuquay-Varina so that I could take some pictures of a store window that I'd been admiring for a few weeks during the daytime.  Of course he obliged...and smiled and waved very nicely at the police officer that drove by while we were 'casing the joint' out front.  The winds were high all day yesterday (gusts around 35mph), and it really was quite chilly to be getting out of the car.  Donnie insists that I stay warm especially while my immunity is low from the chemo.  So, I stayed put rolling down the window and using the frame as a tripod.  I wasn't sure if I got any decent shots, but they were the only pics I took yesterday.  On the computer this morning, I decided to merge three of the shots and make a card.  Looking quite pink, romantic, and Valentine's Day again:-)

Here's a collage of the storefront including the shots I used to create the card:

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The store btw is called The Shoppes on Main.  Apparently it's a place where 25 merchants each have a both of interesting items.  I'd like to go back during the day.  Maybe they'll even put up a St. Patrick's Day or Easter window sometime soon for me to go back and take pics of.

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