Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pot of Gold

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I know, I know, it's not even March yet.  I can't help it if the leprechauns have descended upon my house already:-)  It rained all day yesterday, and I didn't take any new pics, so I worked on pp this picture that I took on Sunday. Window decal instead of window cling this time.  I don't really like the screened effect on the Leprechaun, but I thought it was still cute and whimsical enough to share.  The screen is coming off that window!  I never open it anyway.  Screens to me equal bird viewing and picture taking blockers and one at a time they've come down off the windows on my home.  The background is a picture of a gazing globe I took at The Garden Hut some time ago.  I thought it gave a forest feel to the background.  I fooled around with the Darken/Lighten filter in Color Efex Pro too to darken his face and lighten the gold.

Here's the original which I am almost ashamed to share with you:

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Hopefully my daily is at least an improvement over it!

I know at least Carole will enjoy this:-)

I was out with some friends and former coworkers for lunch yesterday. I hadn't seen this group in a few years. Boy was it good to see them! I was too shy to ask for a picture although I am sure that they remember me and my camera and would have humored me. I could just kick myself for not speaking up and insisting on taking one... Note to Self: Be more bold and assertive with the camera!

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