Monday, February 27, 2012

Reaching for the Sun!

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Here's a daffodil shot from my neighbor's yard (Robert and Linda).  I really like that blue gazing globe that they have and spent a bit of time trying to line up the flowers in some way with it.  Don thinks the white out on the gazing globe is a bit distracting and I agree, but I still like the image.  I had to fix a little over exposure on the daffodil with Color Efex Pro filters.  Here is the original:

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I think the filters did a good job bringing out the best of the shot.  I used the darken/lighten, details enhancer, and I think one other.  I really like Nik's software.

I am working on Leprechaun and St. Patrick's Day stuff in the background but trying to hold back until March 1st at least.

Dinner last night consisted of red beans and rice, broccoli sauteed with onions, sweet potato paties, and bbq chicken legs...oh and a carrot cake not pictures.  The Duncan Hines box mix is not bad at all.  Yum!

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