Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feeling Springy!

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I stopped in at The Garden Hut yesterday to buy some bird seed. Of course I took some flower pictures while I was there too.  Especially fascinating were all the varieties of helleborus that they had blooming.  I have several varieties in my yard, but they have weak stems and the flowers point downward.  The Garden  Hut had several more compact and stronger stemmed varieties with the flowers reaching for the sky and posing very nicely for my camera.  My daily shot, original below, has a star-shaped flower.

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I couldn't resist changing the background to pink, removing the flower petal on the lower left, and putting some pizzazz in the shot:-)

This helleborus flower in the image below has nice rounded petals and more pink.

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The helleborus flower in the image below is rounded and almost totally pink.

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I want more helleborus for my yard!

Even the witch hazel pictured below was looking great.  I need to check the tree in my yard and see if it's flowering right now too.

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In the green house, I s potted a gazing globe with a rainbow sheen to it.  I couldn't resist taking a SP:-)

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And for my flamingo loving friends, and you know who you are, here's a shot for you!

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I have several other shots that I took yesterday that I really like and will probably share another for my daily tomorrow.

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WildeLifePhotography said...

What a fantastic set of photos. I love walking through greenhouses and taking photos. The first one with the pink background is my favorite.