Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tulip and Bokeh

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Donnie and I went to follow-up doctor appointments for me yesterday, and all is going OK.  One more chemo to go early March.

We walked around West Point Mill on the Eno River again and had another of our lovely picnic lunches..  I sure wish the mill was open so that we could go in.  I sure did enjoy my handsome lunch date:-)

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And the view of the dam:

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The tulip was a 99 cent flower buy at the grocery store on the way home.  Clearance you know;-)  I had a lady in the checkout tell me I was nuts.  We explained I wanted to take a picture with it and knew it wouldn't last.  She still thought I was nuts.

Here's a shot of it not modified.  Obviously I changed the background for my daily.  I thought pink and orange clashed.  Donnie said the green was so springlike plus green is his favorite color.

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In a rush to get the kids to school but I think that's the gist of yesterday and the shots that I took.

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