Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun at Lake Wheeler

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We had a picnic lunch at Lake Wheeler Park yesterday although it was only 52 degrees and there was a 10-15mph wind.  It started out a bit cloudy, but thankfully the sun came out.  I just wanted to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise and of course have a chance to take some pics.  A sign said that they are closing the park playground in January and February to renovate it.  I hope that means it will be even nicer when they are done.

I just couldn't resist posting the collage today.  I loved those smiling faces and the red and green color coordination throughout.  Every year I've taken an acorn shot of some type at this playground, so while the boys played I created the heart shot.  Donnie thought it was sweet, and of course it was inspired by him:-)

There are a few other shots that I took that I liked:

Who are you looking at?!?

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Can you believe there was a flower still blooming?!?  A white coneflower variety I guess.

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An overdone HDR but I still like it:

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Some people were brave enough to be out on the lake:

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They've built a really nice new fishing pier just like the one at Shearon Harris County Park.  I loved the view back to the main park building (bathrooms/concession and rental stand).  The sky was just gorgeous!

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Donnie has been doing a great job inspiring and motivating Joey to be more active and to get more exercise.  Joey is running some sprints now, and I think he's feeling pretty good about how he feels doing it.

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WildeLifePhotography said...

A wonderful set of images. Looks like a fun day.