Thursday, December 29, 2011

Autumn Colors Linger

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My first chemo session went fine yesterday.  At this point I am tired of getting poked with needles, and they do the bloodwork and chemo IV on the hand instead of the elbow which to me is worse, but I got through it.  How can it be bad when I have this handsome guy to sit with me and keep me company?!?  He always keeps his girl smiling and in good spirits.  I took the pic of Donnie with my new iPad.  He took the pic of me with his iPod Touch.  I ran both through Noiseware.  Us techies had to have something to do over the 3 or so hours we were there.  Thanks to Aunt Debbie for taking the kids to the Durham Museum of Life and Science nearby while I got the treatment!

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We took the boys to Crowder District Park on the way home.  It was getting late in the day, and the light was low, so I tested out shooting in higher ISOs with the new camera and was pleased with the results.  While maybe not the best pics ever, they were certainly much better than I would have gotten with my old camera.

When Donnie plays with the boys, he plays with the boys!

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They of course think Mr. Don is the best, and so do I!

Donnie spotted this Canada Goose shot for me.  At 3200 ISO I'm impressed.  If the water had been just a tad more golden and the branch not over his eye I might have made it my POTD.

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So I'm doing pretty good today.  Mild itching on my face (no rash) is my only complaint.  My joints hurt a bit last night and my legs were restless, but that happens on normal days sometimes too.  Hoping things keep going this good.  Thanks again for all your support which means so much to me!

Joey's first picture with my new camera:

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