Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Globe Is My World

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I stopped by The Garden Hut yesterday to buy some sunflower seeds and to take a few pictures.  I didn't have much time, but I picked 3 or 4 subjects to focus on and came away with a few shots that I liked.

I should have taken a shot of the whole mobile...silly me.  Basically, you are seeing one end of it balanced on a pole with something equally heavy on the other side.  It can spin in a circle kindof like the outstretched arms of a dancer.  It's pretty.  I saw the reflection of the flowers in it and moved around with the camera trying to get the best view possible.

I've doctored this quite a bit from the original:

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There's an Orton filter, an enhanced lens flare courtesy of Deviant Art brushes, some color adjustments and cloning to remove the parking lot light posts. A Color Burn brush was my main method of getting rid of the hazy part of the reflection by making just that area darker.

I've been trying to take a good shot of these flags all summer:

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I think this is the best one so far...

I also liked these flowers:

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And the top of this rustic garden bench:

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Back at home, this female summer tanager is often at my feeders and birdbath:

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What a treat!  This is the first year I've seen these guys in my yard and near my feeders.

And, this blue jay was standing pretty proud too:

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I wonder what photo ops will turn up today:-)

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