Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apple Crisp

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A month of so ago, I ordered the Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Corer from my friend Patricia who had a Pampered Chef party.  I'd always wanted one having seen one demoed in person years ago at another party. Although not inexpensive by any means, I decided that this was the party/year to get it.  As with many things, it takes me a bit to get the time to read about them and set them up.  But with hurricane Irene giving us yucky weather, yesterday seemed like the day to sort it out.  8 screws to set up the platform wasn't too bad and then watching a video on YouTube gave me a good demo on top of the hand written instructions on just how to 'make it work'.  I had two eager helpers ready to test the first apple.  Success!  Wow!  Ooooh  Aaaah!

Here's a video of Johnny with the first apple:

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And just to prove that boys and men of all ages love their gadgets:

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Hard to say what was more fun.  Turning the crank fast or watching the peel spaghetti get created or lifting the apple spirals and playing with them (clean hands of course).

A few things to note.  If you have a table that you can attach the apple peeler corer too, that may actually be better than buying the fancy base. As you can see in the video, Johnny had trouble holding the base still...trouble he would not have had on a table.

Besides peeling and coring, this things slices too.  The slices might be a tad thin for some pies, but worked just fine in my apple crisp.

I did thoroughly wash and dry the apples first.

Mushy apples don't work anywhere near as well.

Hungry for apple pie?  ;-)

Irene update:
Irene ended up going just far enough East of Raleigh to spare us too much trouble.  I have lots of large chunks of leaves down in my yard and a few small limbs.  When I walked Blaze, I started picking up.  We lost power twice but just for a few minutes so no impact short of startling the kids.  We did have a few gusts of wind that caused me to hold my breath, but nothing that had me white knuckled for any real amount of time.  We've seen much worse and my heart goes out to those who were truly affected by the storm.

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Don Miller said...

I thought the Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Corer was a handy and worth while device. I saw similar ones demo'ed on YouTube also that had a suction cup base that I should work well on a counter top.

However - I thought the Pampered Chef Apple Peeler Corer was very well made and could easily last a life time and be handed down. It has a metal clamp. One with a suction cup base sooner or later is going to dry or crack and might be hard to replace in 20 or 30 years.

I know sort of silly to worry about that. But in the case of J&J I could see them telling their grand kids they used to peel apples with it with their great grandmother...