Monday, August 29, 2011

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail at Yates Mill

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I was so excited to find a lantana bush in the parking lot at Yates Mill that had a swallowtail on it. And, a very cooperative swallowtail I might add. I had several wide open wing shots to choose from and a couple of other poses that I really liked too.

Last night Joey and Johnny were looking over my shoulder, and Joey wanted to put some filters on one of the butterfly pictures and experiment. OK. Here's a collage showing the best side view and several different ways we processed it:

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Collage from Yates Mill:

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We also attended a pool birthday party for one of Johnny's classmates yesterday. Fun! Luke enjoyed Krispy Creme donuts instead of a birthday cake. Yum! Here's a collage of the best birthday boy shots that I got:

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It's not safe to invite me to your child's birthday party unless it's OK for me to take pictures:-)

Joey on the water slide:

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Cute Johnny smile:

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The boys got haircuts last night, so the next round of pics will show much shorter hair. I think I took off at least an inch!

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