Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sunrise With Debbie

Debbie and I went yard saling this morning. However, we did more picture taking of the sunrise than going to actual yard sales. I headed East on Hwy. 42 and then turned right (South) on Hwy. 50. There was a nice church on the left with a somewhat interesting steeple and view. We took a few shots and kept going. We turned into a subdivision that let us see another subdivision where the rolling hills looked great. We headed down Hwy. 50 in search of a left turn to get us to the 'further back' subdivision. We found it, and we also found a great 'water hole'. I took lots of pics while Debbie took a few pics of me taking pics:-) It was fun. The lack of color in the sky and the darn plane contrails keep these from being good enough to print. However, they are still a lot of fun, and I think the time progression will make you almost feel like you watched it yourself. Enjoy!

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