Monday, January 7, 2008

70 Degrees in NC!

NC gave us a nice break from winter today with a 70 degree day. It was awesome even though it was a workday. I got out at lunch with Madi while Christine made an important work call. We went to Blimpies for lunch and then did a little shopping in Wal-Mart and at Guardian Angel. It was nice to be out just with Madi for a few. I didn't tell Joey;-)

When the boys came in from school and the park, they ended back outside doing things like riding in the Jeep.

Just before dinner, we ended up at Madi's, and Eli, Faith, and Sophie walked/rode up too. Eli made it all the way to our house on his big boy bike. Woo hoo! Way to go Eli! The kids had fun shooting baskets, riding on the swings, and playing in the sandbox.
Tomorrow will be another beauty too. For those able to be outside, enjoy!

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