Monday, January 14, 2008

Sick Day

Joey was somewhat sick when he went to bed Saturday night. He had me up with him 4 times. However, Sunday night, we were basically up all night. Poor guy had a high fever and a very upset tummy. We all shared his pain (and got no sleep). I ended up essentially calling in due to lack of sleep. Joey spent all day on the couch with his hoody on under his favorite soft blankie and cuddling Lovey and Blankie.

Johnny went to school and then did his best not to drive Joey nuts after he got home. It's hard to get the boys to sleep on separate couches...they are so used to cuddlng up together. Joey just did not feel like being bounced on today, and I don't blame him.

Blaze is never far...

At dinnertime, Joey was hungry and ate a large piece of steak and macaroni and cheese. However, he felt puny again after eating. He's on the mend but not over it.

Johnny needed to make a birthday card for his preschool teacher, Miss Mary, so we worked on that. Joey just could not resist making his own card (for Madi). Sitting at the table with Johnny was about all the energy he had. He was quickly back on the couch.

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