Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Dull Sunset Turned Beautiful

My 2PM meeting today at IBM RTP happened to be in a coworker's office facing west. I was supposed to be paying attention to an Excel spreadsheet with over 20 worksheets. I was, mostly, but I was also looking at the clouds forming in the sky. I remember hearing about some potential for rain tomorrow. Anyway, I was thinking to myself that I hoped that the clouds would make for a really pretty sunset.

As I traveled home (frustrating that it's east and not west), the sunset was looking like a real dud. There were pretty clouds, but all the pretty color was missing. I was really wanting to take some pics. Then kindof all of a sudden right at sunset the sky turned a beautiful orange color. Of course I had to stop and take a few pics.

For your enjoyment other sunset pics are here.

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