Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Little Gym Medal Ceremony

The Fall/Winter semester at The Little Gym (TLG) ended tonight for the boys. That means that this was Show Week and that the boys each got a medal. During show week, the parents are invited into the gym to watch the kids perform. 6 kids with 20 parents and extended family tonight;-) Lots of cameras and video recorders. All the kids did really good and were enthusiastic about doing their routines. Joey had the most Tah Duh's:-) First they did the beam, then a floor routine, and then the bars. I snapped as many pics as I could considering the difficulty with the high ceiling and fluorescent lights messing with the camera meter. I can shoot in fluorescent mode and the pics are brighter but then any fast movement is blurred...grrrr. Anyway, I really enjoyed watching the boys tonight and thinking about all the new stuff they continue to learn there. We'll be back next week for the same time and class as part of the Winter/Spring semester.

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