Friday, April 4, 2014

Tulip Take One

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The boys and I went to Pullen Park yesterday.  We had set out to go canoeing at Lake Wheeler or Lake Johnson, but those parks have not opened up canoeing yet for the year...couple more weeks.  Thankfully Pullen was letting folks go out on the pedal boats.  The boys and I circled the small pond there twice as it lightly rained on us.  Then the boys went on the carousel and we all went on the train.  The park is a fantastic place to spend a few hours especially after they restored it and reopened it last year.  The playground is much nicer, and the 1911 Gustave A. Dentzel carousel is beautifully restored and protected in it's new building.

Check out this article in the News and Observer yesterday talking about the rise in popularity of this historic park.  No wonder I had trouble finding a parking space and that's after they've added more parking!

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I also got my first butterfly shot of the year!  Cabbage white?

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Today we are headed to Duke Gardens.  The tulips are blooming!

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