Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Tulips of Duke Garden

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The kids and I made our yearly spring trip to Duke Gardens yesterday.  Spring isn't complete for me if I don't get to go see the tulips on the beautiful terraced area over there.  I also just love taking portraits of the kids there.

My favorite tulip beds this year had orange and yellow tulips mixed in with some a very pretty variety of narcissus (daffodil).  I focused my efforts on getting the best flower shots there.

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And, I took pics of the kids EVERYWHERE!

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And, I watched the kids roll down the hill.  Unfortunately, it was a bit wet, and they only rolled once today.

Video From two years ago...
Video The fountains also caught my eye yesterday.  I always struggle with how to shoot the one in front of the welcome center.
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SmugMug Link There were other beautiful flowers growing too, and I did stop to take a few pics like this one.
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