Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Play Ball!

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Big Leaguers aren't the only ones who got to play ball yesterday!  Look at how much fun Patches was having at the NC Zoo.

The kids and I enjoyed a lovely spring day walking around the zoo yesterday.  It was sunny and 75 and it finally felt like spring had arrived.  When we first arrived, Patches the polar bear was sleeping, but near the end of our visit, we stopped by back her habitat and found her frolicking in the water with her ball.  We hauled you know what to get ourselves quickly down below to watch through the underwater glass.  That's always where the best pics are.  She continued to play long enough for us to get this shot which I was thrilled about and then she quit.  We pleaded with her through the glass to come back, but of course she didn't hear us and didn't respond.  But, hey, we did get to see her swim! and with her ball!

Here's a collage of some of my favorite shots of the day.

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The NC Zoo also opened their Bugs and Epic Adventure exhibit yesterday for the first time and for the summer season.  Some of you will remember the moving dinosaurs from last summer.  This is similar only this time it's bugs.  The kids begged me to pay the $5 a head to go in, and we did.  It ended up being worth it.  We enjoyed the huge moving bugs (animatronic).  I recommend you do this extra activity if you go.   

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It's a wrap until our next visit which will probably be July track-out although it sure is hot to go that time of year even with all the forest shade.

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