Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fantastic Flamingos!

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The kids and I traveled to Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in Scotland Neck, NC yesterday.  We've been many times before, and the kids are always asking to go back.  They have birds from all over the world, a Landing Zone where you can hand feed canaries and flamingos, a beaver blind, and a huge treehouse to relax in as well as a playground.  Since they added the Landing Zone last year, that is probably our favorite activity although playing 4 corners in the treehouse and visiting with Matilda the Great Barren Goose, along with the Victoria Crowned Pigeons, and the Tucon rank right up there too.

In the Landing Zone, we spent a lot of time with Roger the Pink Flamingo.  Upper left in the collage below, you can see Joey feeding him.  Most of the pics in the collage are of him although there are a few of other flamingos.  They have about 10 in the Landing Zone area.  Roger is just smart and knows how to isolate himself and soak up the food and attention.

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Here are some of the other bird shots I got that I really enjoyed.  The swans upper left were mating while we were there, so there will probably be babies later this year.  The swans upper right already have a baby in the water with them.  The beautiful owl is a Eurasian Eagle Owl.  I am always fascinated by their eyes.  I also enjoyed the hooded merganser, mandarin, and wood ducks for their color and beauty.

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Major Mom said...

Beautiful photos! I love flamingos!