Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Green Glow

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This all started out a few days ago when I saw a cool video on how to make flowers glow.  I picked up some white carnations that I thought were fresh.  I opened up a yellow highlighter and put it in water and put the carnations in it.  I saw the yellow water glow under a black light, but the carnations never seemed to pick it up and still after 3 days have not glowed.  I ended up opening up a few glow sticks and dipping the carnations directly into the liquid.  The shot below is the original, and the shot that I posted as my daily had the colors modified in honor of St. Patrick's Day which is coming up Sunday.  Still, a pretty cool glow.

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I wish I got a good bouquet shot, but I ended up with two different color glow sticks and I didn't think they worked so great together.  Here's a shot with several flowers and both a yellow and a blue tone color.

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I hope I can try this again some time and get a better color combo.

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