Saturday, January 5, 2013


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I'm willing to take some ribbing about the insane number of elves we have and share this picture.  I packed them up this AM and took a picture of the group after I had collected them up from all over the house.  Annalee, antique, showed up on their own, eBay, passed down from family, found at the thrift store, and Michael's Craft Store collection.  Amusement for me and the boys.  Tolerated by others;-)

The rule is that each boy gets to pick 3 to keep out all year round in the curio cabinet.  It ended up being 4 a piece but that was OK.  Johnny was soooooo sad as I packed them up.  It's hard to say goodbye to 'good friends' until next year.

It's National Bird Day.  I should be posting a bird shot.  Maybe I can take a bird shot today to post tomorrow.

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Susan W said...

Maryanne, that's an amazing collection. And to think I drove the city last December to find an Elf on the Shelf and never did find one.