Sunday, January 6, 2013

Flower in Pink Glow

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A camellia shot that didn't turn out so great.  Played with it.  Needed something to post.

Johnny Friday night and Joey Saturday afternoon had their first basketball games.  Johnny's team lost and Joey's team won not that it matters.  Both boys seemed to enjoy the games.  I took quite a few shots at both games but you know how fluorescent/tungsten lighting, low light, fast movements, etc. all make for yucky shots.  I did what I could in sports mode.  Preserved the memories at least.  I would love to have posted a basketball shot if I couldn't have gotten something noteworthy.  In the one gym to add to frustration there were windows creating sunlight and shadows on parts of the floor...sigh.

Both boys are new to basketball.  Donnie and I both know more about baseball but are trying to do some basic coaching with the boys outside of practice.  Sometimes Joey isn't receptive to coaching if you know what I mean, but today he asked Donnie to go outside with him twice to practice and seemed to have his listening ears on.  They had Joey playing back-up center on his team I assume because of his height.  There is one player on his team much taller than him but otherwise he's about the biggest kid on his team.

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