Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Dinner

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We had a real treat for our New Years dinner...standing rib roast or aka prime rib.  First time ever buying and cooking this cut of meat.  We bought the roast from our local grass fed beef farmer Wilkerson Farms and boy was it yummy.  They say you should know where your meat comes from and who your farmer is, and I couldn't agree more.

I researched 8 different recipes on Google and decided to use this one by Paula Deen..  I followed the directions exactly, and the roast came out perfect!  Asparagus and cauliflower mash were the sides.

As you can see even the dog, Blaze, got a treat.  Nothing like a good steak bone!

The dessert was homemade ice cream. Donnie had cranberry sauce and chocolate syrup on his. I put a bit of Kahlua on mine. Yum!

We actually exercised before, but it's a better story if I tell you we exercised afterward, right?  Pack leader Donnie out for his run with Johnny and I along too.  I ran the first km and then hopped on my bike.  Johnny was on his bike the whole time.  I guess Johnny road for 3.5 miles total.  Good for him because that's not so easy with his short legs on his tiny bike.  Much easier on a 10 speed.  It spit rain a bit and was in the 40s but we were reasonably bundled and happy to be out breathing in the fresh air.  I would never be out there running and riding if Donnie didn't kick things off, so I really appreciate him motivating all of us.

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I'm happy to say my Fitbit seemed to register my activity on the bike just fine.

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