Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

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From our family to yours wishing everyone a very happy new year!

I saw a 2013 shot on Facebook yesterday where someone put 2 0 1 3 candles in 4 separate champagne flutes with bubbly and a gold background.  I thought, hey!, I have all the kids' yearly birthday candles in a basket in the pantry.  Let me try that!  Well, first off, candles don't weigh much and they float.  Second off, I only have 3 matching flutes and they are too narrow for the candles.  Third, all my vertical options were too short to fit 4 candles.  OK, I'll try just the 1 and the 3 in a short but wide glass.  That's when I found out they wouldn't stay vertical.  Oops!  So I went with what I had and shot looking down.  That's tinfoil reflecting up the stove hood halogen lights.  I did an invert and a neon and an scurve adjust to get the prettier colors and then used a spherical filter to distort the roundness of the glass.

Here's the original.

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