Saturday, December 1, 2012

An Elf and His Friend

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I picked up this cute snow globe at the thrift store a few weekends ago.  Guardian Angel has tons of Christmas stuff out right now.  It's like being at the North Pole:-)  I used a piece of double sided sticky tape to help the elf stay up against the globe.  I did some shots with the snow in the globe swirling about but when Donnie and I were looking at the shots this one appealed to both of us the most.  Something about the red glow inside the globe that was the best in this one.  The red fabric is a nice shirt jacket I bought for myself last season at L. L. Bean.  I really liked it for a back drop. The frame is a combination from PhotoFrame and Picasa.

Johnny posing for me last night.  Love my little elf!

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