Sunday, November 25, 2012


SmugMug Daily Link

A shot from our last trek over to Yates Mill.  This heron (Great Blue as far as I know) was looking for his lunch while Donnie and I ate our lunch.  I had to crop this quite a good bit.

Spent a good bit of today decorating for the holidays.  I had several things done and several more ready to go when they got home.  There was a lot of joyful shouting and hooting as they discovered a couple of new elves and went room to room seeing what I had done.  I also moved Johnny's bed to his own room.  It was a hard decision splitting them up but I guess time.  I doubt it will help Johnny actually sleep in his bed butcha never know.  He tends to come out to the couch and sometimes then falls of and sleep son the floor.  Silly kid.  Wherever he'll sleep, right?

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