Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf Cheer

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I've decided to take and upload elf pictures between now and Christmas if I don't have anything else noteworthy to  share.  Some of you may remember that we have more than a few Elves on Shelves in our house.

All these elves have names.  Where is Joey when I need him to tell me this guy's name?  At school of course...

The clown behind the elf is a ceramic my father painted in the 70's.  He did several as gifts for family and friends.  I now have a couple of them.

This is the collage from last year.  I am going to need to add a few!

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And this is the 2010 collage.

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Yes, there will probably have to be a new collage this year too.  As recent as this morning two new 'swingset' elves spun into our house.  Oh my!

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