Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a Wrap!

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I went back and forth trying to decide on the daily I chose and the shot of Johnny as Spock below.  In case you are truly from another planet, I included a link to who Spock is:-)  Data and Nurse Chapel accompanied him.  For extra credit, you can give the names of the actors:-)

Donnie was a real good sport giving out candy while I walked with the kids around the neighborhood.  He normally doesn't 'Do Halloween' but it's hard to escape when you're around me and the kids.

The winds were calm even with the chilly air, and we enjoyed the evening except for the part about me walking so far in highish black boots to go with my Uhura costume. Oh well.  Crocs just were not going to cut it!

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Earlier in the day I was at Joey's school for some Pumpkin Math fun.  The kids had to make predictions and observations about their pumpkins and then actually calculate things like circumference and # of seeds and weight of pumpkin.  The kids were divided into groups of about 4, and at the end, the kids got to carve their pumpkin.  I loved how Joey's group chose to do 4 faces on the 4 quarters of the pumpkin so that everyone got a turn carving.  Amazing too since some of them had never carved before.

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The finished results.  Joey's group's pumpkin was on the end.

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