Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

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We drove past the house last night that has TONS of Christmas lights in their yard in December.  They always put up a few Halloween inflatables and lights too.  I thought this vampire which opens and closes his coffin lid as you watch interesting.

This hand/eyeball in the yard has to be the most unique and frightful Halloween inflatable I've ever seen!

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Here's the front of the house.

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Happyland Christmas Lights start going up in November!  Takes him a month to get the light show ready.

In other news, Donnie got a new Samsung Galaxy Note II.  He debated a new iPhone 5 like I got but decided on the Note instead.  He has an iPod Touch already and he really likes the Android operating system and the guy hand sized Note which is a mini tablet.   So far he's really liking it!  This picture shows Donnie working with Joey and the Note to check his math (4th grade division) homework.  The stylus is cool!  Since Joey has a Nintendo 3DS he knows all about how to use a stylus already.

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I'll be in Joey's classroom later today for some Pumpkin Math:-)

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