Monday, October 29, 2012

The Storm Out the Window

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I think a lot of us on the East Coast did a lot of looking out the window today wondering how bad Hurricane Sandy would get.  Here in Raleigh, we started getting some gusts up to 35mph and some light rain after lunchtime.  The back end of the storm is whipping over the top part of the state.  Maybe a few scattered power outages from fallen tree limbs and trees but nothing more serious here.  The Outerbanks looked like they took quite a pounding and the news out of NJ is grim.  I grew up in Trenton, NJ, and reading about the damage to the boardwalks makes me sad.  I hope the storm will pass quick, for no loss of life, and that towns can recover as quickly as possible.  My thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

Technically this shot is horrible.  Handheld in low light and between me moving and the trees moving nothing outside the window is in focus.  Oh well.  You get the idea.  the red is a Dogwood tree and the American Holly is looking ready for Christmas.  This is from my upstairs bonus room.

The boys and I had a wonderful time last night carving pumpkins. I didn't get a good in the dark shot, but I captured the joy of doing the carving. They designed and cut out all by themselves. I could have done fancier, but nothing can top their pride at doing it on their own.

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