Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tulip Mandala

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Making mandalas can be a bit addictive.  One picture can create an infinite number of patterns, so it's fun to experiment with one picture using different parts of it and see what different mandalas you can come up with.

I created the images in today's daily and blog post using the tulip shot below.  I picked it for bold color and I thought the stems might be useful in creating an intricate pattern.

I used the standard 4 pieces of pie technique on my daily.  You can find 2 piece, 3 piece, and 4 piece templates and even much more intricate templates out there.  Once you get a piece of pie created, finishing filling the template is not too hard and then it's just a matter of duplicating the quarter of pie around and rotating the pieces to line them back up into a circle.

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Here's a template and tutorial you can use to create a mandala.

TinaMarie had a very pretty mandala on on Facebook last night and was kind enough to share her technique with me.  Basically you create a square image and then a blank square image file, and you use the image to fill all 4 corners doing some flipping for symmetry.  Once you have the one 4 corner image, you make a copy of it and rotate it 90 degrees and then change the opacity and layer type until you get something pleasing.  Of course you could use 8 piece corners or 16 piece or well you get the gist.  Here is an image of the tulips I created using TinaMarie's technique.  Maybe I should have made this the daily? I was torn...  Ping me if you want to see the psd files for any of these mandalas.

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I'd also like to try making mandalas from mandalas like this guy did.


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