Monday, October 15, 2012

National Museum of the Marine Corps

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Donnie and I noticed a fascinating looking building on our way into the Washington, DC area on I95 last week.  The sign said it was the National Museum of the Marine Corps.  We said to ourselves that we might stop there on our way home, and yesterday heading back to North Carolina we did.

What a great place!  If you are in the area, do take 3 or more hours to stop in and enjoy the museum.  I honestly did not realize that importance of the Marine Corps throughout history and especially in WWII.  We were honored to meet WWII Veteran Frank Matthews who was at Iwo Jima and gave personal accounts of the experience.  It was also fun to try on a real/heavy backpack, get yelled out by drill sergeants, and to practice with a laser rifle.  As you can see kids young and older had a great time:-)

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Of historic note was the display with the famous flag from Iwo Jima, a piece of cement from the Pentagon from 911, and a World Trade Center I beam from 911.

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