Saturday, October 20, 2012

Donnie Smile

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Joey had a very early baseball game today, and I didn't have time to post before leaving the house this morning.  Then Donnie took me shopping at my favorite thrift store, Guardian Angel, and for a photo walk around Yates Mill afterward.  I enjoyed that.  He does such a great job of keeping my spirits up.  I was feeling fine earlier, but now I'm not feeling too great.  I've got a headache and a small temp.  Donnie is of course taking great care of me.  For my daily, I'll share the smile that makes my day every day...

Madi's softball season concluded last night, and the coach gave out trophies at home plate.  Here is Madi with her mom and dad and a teammate.  I saw a photo op and sprang into action:-)

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