Sunday, October 7, 2012

Constructed Halloween Mandala

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I took some pics of our Halloween decorations for Joey last week.  He's using them in the Scratch programming tool as Sprites for a shell game program he's designing.  I got to thinking that I wanted to try constructing a mandala out of various parts/shapes and thought the decorations might lend themselves to the project.  It is after all October now:-)  I isolated each head and created the poster below where each head is one layer in the PSE7 PSD file.  Not too bad on it's own but not my final goal.

I started out with a mandala template that had bats around the center and used it just to line up the diagonal lines and angles of the parts I wanted to use to create the mandala.  The orange eyes and black faced pumpkin was put on first.  Next was the green eyed tin man.  You get the idea.  Is it what I had hoped for?  Probably not.  Joey will like it, so we'll consider this a work of art for him.  I applied a filter and a frame to spice it up a bit.  The filter helped to blend the layer/object lines.

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As seen out front of the local grocery store.  Boo!

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As seen at Porter Farms and Nursery.

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I need to take the boys for their yearly portraits with the pumpkins!

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