Friday, October 12, 2012

US Capitol

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We took the tour of the US Capitol today.  They added a Visitor Center which opened 12/8/2008 on the front (side away from Mall) since the last time Don or I was here (give or take 20-30 years).  It was pretty impressive too.  We were able to go into the Rotunda, the Crypt where George Washington was intended to be buried but isn't (he's at Mount Vernon at the request of his will), and National Statuary Hall.  We did not go into the Senate or House.  Maybe next time.  The tour is free, lasts about 30 minutes, and is well worth the walk from the Mall as well as going through security, etc.

Laura Johnson will appreciate today's ceiling shot looking up from inside the Rotunda.

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We also went to the Library of Congress and the Air and Space Museum today.  Maybe more about those after we get home or tomorrow.

Tomorrow we plan to go to the National Zoo.

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