Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yellow on Yellow

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These pics were taken at the end of someone's driveway on the way home from dropping the kids off at school this AM.  There are a lot of plants grown up in front of this house so no way the owners could see me. It's a jungle out there!  However the family dog finally noticed me and started fussing a bit so I left.  I was basically done anyway.

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I have all 3 kids blogging now:-) --> Joey --> Johnny --> Madi

It's taking some time to assist them but worth the effort.  I gave Madi my Canon SX10 IS that was just sitting in the corner over here, and she's going to town taking pics to put in her posts.  At this point I manage offloading them for her and making sure they are OK but soon I am sure she'll be doing that too. Any appropriate encouragement you'd like to give the kids is welcome. I'm shooting for one post each week per kid but since it's a new thing they are pretty active right now.

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