Monday, August 27, 2012

Homework Time

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Joey on the left with (Princess) Kitty and Johnny on the right.  This is a typical scene at our house after school each day.  Joey reads for 30 minutes with Kitty.  Right now he's reading the 5th Harry Potter book and very proud and excited about it.  Kitty really is content to sit with him.  She's been a great new addition to the household.  Doesn't scratch, doesn't jump on counters, fur is manageable even though it's long, tolerates the boys:-) and even gets along with our dog, Blaze.  Blaze is under the table beside Johnny btw.  She's never far either.  Johnny is working on his math.  For now it's his favorite and easy subject.  I hope it stays that way.  That's a pretty big smile considering he'd rather be watching his daily recorded Pokemon show on the DVR.

Had problems with my heatpump/AC last night.  I guess I noticed the house a bit extra warm on Saturday but didn't think about it too much.  Then after school yesterday it was really warm.  Even the fan wouldn't come on.  I tried to troubleshoot it myself but didn't get too far.  Wasn't a circuit breaker issue.  Donnie got on the line with me from FL and he had me find and clean out the drain pipe which was really clogged.  I guesstimate 3 cups of water came out of it.  The unit came back on.  We were overjoyed.  Donnie is the best!  Things were looking good for a bit but then unfortunately the cold air wasn't really pumping out well.  I found ice on the unit, and that most likely means low on coolant.  Oh well.  Repair guy is on the way.

I'm trying to get back into a daily swing of things. I realize I'm a day behind on my posts kindof.  Oh well.  I'm doing the best I can right now.

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