Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clean and Posed

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Salvo, Madi's dog, got a bath yesterday morning.  Teen, Madi's mom, called me over because he was being too cute!  He was quite agreeable to getting up in the pink chair, and the flowers were in a pot nearby, so we set them in the scene too.

From a little earlier in the morning, Firedog Salvo was out for a walk.  Ins't he cute?!?

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I spent some time yesterday designing two We've Moved notification cards for Don's sister.  This is the one we printed with her new address in the lower right corner.  How convenient that a Florida U-Haul truck was in Willow Springs so I could take a picture of it yesterday!

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I had also designed this more formal version too.  The address would go in the middle of the knocker.  That's from my front door.

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Don and I hope she'll be pleased when he presents her with these next week.

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