Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's What's for Dinner

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Catching up on my daily posts...

Donnie, the boys, and I are still doing great on our lifestyle eating changes (aka the diet).  Donnie and I have both lost 30lbs. and Joey has slimmed down at least 10lbs.  What a difference eating right makes!  We are still eating low carb and very rich right fat foods.  Pictured here is sauteed onions in coconut oil, cauliflower mash (if you have not tried this you just have to!), carrots cooked in the crock pot with a chuck roast and Italian seasonings and diced tomatoes, and gravy made out of the crock pot juices.  I used butter, unbleached organic flour, and whole milk to make the gravy along with the crock pot juices.  It  came out pretty yummy. How can you go wrong with gravy like that, right?  We eat reasonable portions and are very satisfied with meals like this.  Joey no longer asks for seconds and sometimes says he is full even before he's done.  This is a huge change for him.  It's great to eat good foods, lose weight, and not be running around hungry.

Clouds all day today:-(

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