Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pink Landing

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I took today's daily at a neighbor's mailbox.  Each time I drive buy the beautiful pink and orange lantana bush, I hope to see a butterfly on it.  I've been bummed the last week not seeing any, so today when I saw a black eastern tiger swallowtail on the lantana, I pulled over quick and got out with my camera.  Not only did I capture the swallowtail, but I got a few Skipper butterfly shots too.

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It was awards ceremony day today for the boys.  The boys get out of school Friday and return to their year round school on July 30th for the next grade.  Joey will be starting 4th grade, and Johnny will be starting 2nd grade.  Each of the boys received the Panther Gold Award today, and Johnny also got Perfect Attendance.  Joey was really bummed that he didn't get the perfect attendance award too.  The rule is you can have one tardy and/or one absence and still get the award, but Joey missed two days due to fevers:-(  I told him not to worry about it.  I was proud of the effort he made to go to school even on a few days when he didn't feel well.

This is Joey with his award.

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Here Ms. Simmons the principal is greeting Johnny with a big smile.  And then Johnny is holding up his awards.

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Michael and Hanne said...

Lovely photos and a happy post! I think you might get more comments if you disable the bit about proving we're not robots!