Friday, June 29, 2012

Lily in the Light

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I didn't take too many pics yesterday...only 14 which is way low for me.  Instead I spent my time cropping 150 pictures to 4X6 size and printing at Wal-Mart and creating a photo album for Joey and Johnny.  The pics span from February - June.  The boys are headed to NY with their dad for a week, and they enjoy taking some memories of home with them.

The shots I did take were on the ride home from school (red-tailed hawk), and at the pool.

Here's a highly Picasa pp'ed shot of the daily.  I'm not thrilled with the daily, and I didn't like this artistic version better either.

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The hawk was using the bathroom:-)

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Helmet girl:-)

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Dinner the night before.  I've lost 25lbs. eating like this...really.

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