Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wet Feet!

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My doctors are near the West Point on the Eno park, so working around appointments, we had a picnic lunch and a quick dip of our feet in the river.  Don't worry, it was just pre-op for surgery next week, and the surgery is for reconstruction and not because the cancer is back or anything else bad.  Surgery is always a bit scary, but hopefully it will be routine and I'll be past it and healed up quickly.

Donnie is so sweet.  He knows I like to take pictures, and he knows how much I like to stop at parks like this, and on nice weather days when we have time he always makes sure we end up at places like this usually having a picnic lunch.  It sure does help ease the stress of day-to-day life, and I really appreciate it and enjoy the time with him.  And, we really need to enjoy wonderful days like this before the intense summer heat and humidity not to mention insects set in.  Days like yesterday are do over days where they are so good you just want to do them over and over again.

The scenery near the mill was great for our picnic lunch, and we saw other families wading in the water, so it didn't take Johnny and then the rest of us too long to get out in the water too.  Walking in Crocs or other water shoes is a good idea because the bottom is rocky and squishy.  The view towards the dam and towards the pedestrian bridge was beautiful.  We saw a few fish and heard about a northern water snake in the area:-)  I studied the few flowers I saw and soaked up the sun and mostly just enjoyed Donnie and the boys especially Johnny whose youthful enthusiasm for the river was a real joy.

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It's back to work today and baseball tonight and the grind of the week, but I sure did enjoy yesterday...  And I'll long for the contentment of more days like yesterday...

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