Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

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It's tradition for us to dye Easter eggs at my house on Saturday and then hunt for them at Madi's house on Sunday.  We'll be heading over for a brisk egg hunt in an hour or so.  The kids are excited!

This year we did our usual Paas vinegar colors as well as using some liquid color in the spinner plus we tried something new...Kool-Aid as recommended by my friend Patricia

Hard for me to tell you which finished eggs were done with the Paas and which were done with the Kool-Aid.  I do remember that the Kool-Aid ones were turning out just fine, and it's a great alternative to the kits in my opinion.  Red cups in the pics are Kool-Aid and the shorter oval cups were the Paas.  We had out some food color too.  The gel, not liquid and not paste, work nice watered down a bit and put on with a paintbrush.

I did the LOVE egg thinking of Donnie and the warmth in my heart for family and friends. I also did the HOPE egg. Christine did the PEACE egg. A great thought for Easter. Joey made the cool Easter Bunny egg. Madi just off frame at the top had a cool Peter Cottontail egg as well as the Easter egg in the shot just of her holding it. Use a clear wax crayon on the egg before dying. You can't see what you're doing, but it's fun and a good result.

Johnny had his first scrimmage ball game yesterday and got his hat and t-shirt.  Isn't he cute and handsome?!?

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Major Mom said...

Happy Easter Fotomom!!!

I'm glad the Kool Aid eggs turned out well for you! I'll be writing up about it later today or tomorrow (along with the silk tie eggs!). They're turned into deviled eggs for a pot luck later today.

Yay on Johnny's first scrimmage -- he does look awesome in his uniform!