Monday, April 9, 2012

White on Red

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My daily picture was taken on a late day walk with Madi, Christine, and Salvo.  Yet another neighbor with some bearded iris in their yard and azaleas providing a back-drop.  I am not entirely happy with the exposure, but I still think it's the best shot to share with you that I took yesterday.

The Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun.  A few of the eggs were marked for quarters, a $1, and a $5 for incentive:-)  It gets pretty competitive, and we wonder if that's a good thing or not, but that's the way the real world is, so...  Johnny gets a bit of extra help since he's the youngest.

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I couldn't help but pull up a picture of the kids from 5 years ago (040807) for comparison.  They grow up so quick!  I'm pretty sure there is a group shot from each year.  I went as far back as was convenient and made sense.

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Here's a pretty shot of some azaleas growing in the Kidd Family garden too.

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