Monday, March 5, 2012

Share the Shamrock Spirit!

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I have several leprechaun shots that I've been working on.  I went back and forth on sharing this one or the flower shot below which I took at Home Depot on Saturday but have since pp'ed to give it some punch.  I dunno.  I figure one Leprechaun shot a week between now and the 17th works:-)

This is another window cling (not gel). The background is another gazing globe with a gaussian blur put on it.

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The Lorax was great except that Johnny got 'sick' in the parking deck on the way into the movie.  Sometimes it is not fun being a mom, but we were able to watch the movie and enjoy it.  Baseball tryouts were postponed...again.  Tuesday and Wednesday are the new days.  We'll see.

Off to my 4th and final chemo today.

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