Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cupcakes to Celebrate the End of Chemo!

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I did complete my fourth and final chemo session yesterday without any real problems.  One extra needle prick yesterday but Donnie was right there with me distracting me.  I felt so bad for another lady that they were having trouble starting the IV on.  She was crying, and she didn't have anyone there with her:-(  The staff was of course doing all they could but still.

In celebration, I made these cupcakes last night.  Yum!  Donnie stayed for dinner which is always a treat, and we had a nice ham meal together.

The thoughtful gift basket below was left by Madi's mom, Christine (Teen).  The little card on the brush reads, "NEW HAIRBRUSH FOR NEW HAIR!!"  I hope I need it soon.  Thank you, Teen!  Lifesavers, chocolate, Clementines, a flashlight to guide my way, a gift card at Kohl's, a card, and a picture of Madi with Santa (not pictured).

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Johnny never made it to school yesterday.  I'm trying to see if he's up to going today or not.  Nothing too serious, but I'm surprised how much punch this virus is carrying.  Here he's asleep in the recliner surrounded by stuffed animals and blankets that Joey tried to make him feel better with.  Poor guy.

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The two shots below really grabbed my heart.  I came upstairs to see how they were doing and ran to get my camera.  Johnny was cold, and it started out with him being cuddled under the blanket and then Donnie giving him a lesson in how to use the touch pad on his Chromebook.  He's trying to leave Windows behind and close but not quite able to do it.  Those retired guys that don't pp pictures can mostly get away with being on the Cloud.  Johnny likes tech stuff, and Donnie was doing a great job helping him feel better while I was cooking.

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Let's see what today has in store...

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