Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have Faith

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This is another shot from The Garden Hut.  These adorable little chicks were nesting near the cash register and caught my eye.  I have done a small crop and used Picasa Soft Focus to increase the dof.  I did a B&W conversion in PSE 7 and matted the print on a 16X20 black layer.

Here's one other print from The Garden Hut which I don't plan to post as a daily but spent some time working on:

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With baseball evaluations cancelled yesterday, the boys and I ended up at The Home Depot for their Kids Workshop where they built the #88 car of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.  We also went to the library to read to the therapy dogs.  Johnny's reading is super improved from 6 months ago.  It's exciting to see!

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If I told you all the other things we did yesterday on top of these things you'd get dizzy.  First Saturdays often include trips to the bakery, thrift stores, regular shopping, and end up the day with a movie so mom can sit down for a few minutes.  Yesterday it was Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Can you believe that was 1981?  Time flies!  Joey now understands his Nintendo DS game a bit better:-)

We're off to see The Lorax at the IMAX theater at Marbles Kids Museum.  The kids are SOOOOOOO excited:-)

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